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Large Baler

We carry Bridon and PolyExcel brand twine for large balers in the following sizes:

4000 x 550 

  • Available in blue, yellow, and green. 

4000 x 440 

  • Available in blue, yellow, pink, white and rust.

4000 x 450 (Bridon Only)

  • Available in blue and yellow

4850 x 350

  • Available in blue, yellow, pink, white, and rust.

Small Baler

We carry Bridon and PolyExcel Twine for small balers in the following sizes. 

9600​ x 170

  • Available in pink, yellow, and blue.

6500 x 240

  • Available in rust. 

Round Baler

We carry PolyExcel twine and for round balers in the following size. 

20000 x 110

  • Available in yellow.

Net Wrap (PolyExcel Only)

64" x 7000'

48" x 9840' 

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